Xavier Barriga-Abril
Design, Art & Research

Let me guide you through my creative journey and showcase some of my best work.

Hacer Visible lo Invisible (Making the Invisible Visible) is a project that observes cyclists' routes in the city and transforms this data into three-dimensional sculptures, which also serve as public bike repair stations.

Barriga-Abril X. et.al (2024) Data Portraits: Personal Journeys for Engaging with Urban Cycling Data. Data-Centric Design: Data as a Human-Centred Material (WIP)
Barriga-Abril X. et.al (2024) Making the invisible visible: Revealing data in the city. International Structural Engineering and Construction Society
The screens are the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we check before going to bed. In an effort to reclaim 100% human spaces, we built a DIY (do it yourself) electronic object that performs the only action preventing us from permanently removing screens from the room. This artwork is an invitation for you to create your own alarm clock using electronic manufacturing technology.
It is an object developed through the exploration of Quito's identity. It was built after studying Baroque concepts, both as a period and extrapolated to Baroque culture, as well as examining the grotesque tint of Dávila Andrade's story. The interactive object features an audio storage system, capturing sounds in the city of Quito to preserve the sonic memory of the urban area.
This generative poster was designed based on the movement of the macro and micro cosmos. An augmented reality installation allows the user to interact with the animation through the printed poster. This poster was created in p5.js.
This artwork utilizes two environments, physical and virtual, to represent a city located in the mountains. Archaeological evidence related to the artist's hometown was the resource used to bring the complexity of the cities; criteria in ambiguity were employed to inspire new narratives in the viewers.


I am a designer, artist, and researcher who delves into the convergence of technology and art. Throughout my professional journey, I have played an integral role in developing various new media creations and actively participated in collaborative and interdisciplinary initiatives. My academic endeavours have yielded over fifteen published works in renowned global journals. My artwork has been showcased in exhibitions spanning multiple countries, including Mexico, Spain, China, France, and Poland, and has earned recognition through both national and international awards. Currently, my focus centres on creative coding and the exploration of interactive maps.